America 2020 The Survival Blueprint Review

America 2020 The Survival Blueprint Review

Product: America 2020 Book
Author: Porter Stansberry

In a few years, US will face terrible stock market crash much worse than that was witnessed in 2008, currency collapse and other outcomes that will bear negatively is every aspect of your life. Without preparing for it, the next economic collapse will most definitely wreck your business, career, friendship and relationship. Nevertheless, you can evade this crisis and even gain much from it as you will soon find out in this America 2020 Survival Blueprint review.

america 2020 the survival blueprint

What Really Is America 2020 The Survival Blueprint?

This is a 107-page blueprint put together by Porter Stansberry, the founder of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, which details exact steps he is taking to prepare for the inevitable crisis. You can also take advantage of the simple steps he generously shares to also make the preparation. It is a handbook, a blueprint and an owner’s manual on how to protect your family over the next five years.

Contents of the Survival Blueprint:

This guide is packed with dozens of useful ideas that are meant to help you protect your family including the following:

· Three assets you legally do not have to report to the government (page 27). This may sound illegal to many people but the law allows you to decline from reporting some assets you own as long as you are paying the necessary taxes from them.


· The number 1 best way to get out of any jam during the coming crisis (page 67). This will save you a lot of money and guarantee you a better future.

· How to safely and legally move money out of the US and out of the US dollar without having to report any such money to the US government (page 32).

· The secret and successful techniques used by one small neighborhood to survive a hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans (page 71). This knowledge will be vital when currency crisis finally spark riots all over the US.

· How to get real, hold-in-your hand silver for as less as 3 dollars (page 41). Silver is known to be the ultimate currency in case of a real financial crisis, even better than gold.

· The most valuable asset in a time of crisis and that you must keep not matter the situation (page 53). The asset is also your key to financial rebound after the crisis.

There are many other things you will learn from the program that will not only arm you with the information but also ensure you blossom during and after the crisis.

Pros and Cons of the America 2020 Book :

It is important to know what you are getting into before committing to order for this program. Here are the pros and cons to help you make the decision:


· This program is offered completely free to any interested American save for the $5 shipping cost and nothing more.

· The information contained within the guide is comprehensive yet simple enough to be used by any American who cares about surviving the coming economic collapse.

· The survival techniques presented are all legal and rewarding. These means there is nothing to lose if you choose to get this program.

· American 2020 Survival Blueprint comes with three other free research reports including The Tax Free Way to Make 500% in America Today, The Gold Investor’s Manual and The 100% Secret.


I could not find any point to criticize this program except the fact that it is only available for US citizens. Since US is superpower, anything happening there replays in other countries and residents of these countries may feel the ripples of the crisis.


The America 2020 Survival Blueprint is a must have for any American who cares about his or her future and that of his or her loved one. The coming economic crisis is much worse than the one experienced 7 years ago and therefore proper preparation is what will make the difference. There is really nothing to lose but everything to gain as the guide is completely free and comes with equally valuable research reports.

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